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I'm a kind and chivalrous man that knows how to treat people with equal respect, I'm fun to be with and I have a great sense of humor which my friends mostly like about me.I have met the wrong people in life anyways but that would not make me cynical about everyone so I keep meeting new people and trying new things Fun, outgoing, clumsy, cute, clumsy ..... Oh, and I'm pretty sure I was a race car driver in a previous life! I love my job, hate the grocery store, and think demolition is one of the best stress relievers ever!
I love anything having to do with the outdoors, the beach, the lake, and live music. I love fishing more than I do shopping. Yes, I said that. I'd live on a boat if I could, and I still roll my windows down and turn the music way up! I had a twin sister ... Yes, I absolutely blamed her for sh * tI did when we were kids.lol

I do not hunt ... the last time I held a gun, I shot the ground ... the ground did not do anything to deserve that.

For fun I like to shoot pool, play poker, go to live music, hiking, taking long walks .... although I prefer to have company, that way if / when I stumble, you can either catch me, or go with me and act like that was the perfect place to make a snow angel!

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