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    7 ft. 6 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living with me


I am an honest kindhearted, hardworking man who does need the support of a loving woman Ideally l am someone who is confident in what he want and who he is I am athletic build mentally stable physically fit a bunch of laughs warm caring honest a good listener God Fearing and a positive person i am a family oriented person love children, My dad and mum are from Madrid Spain.

What I am looking for

I wouldnt know what you want in a relationship But i guess the most important thing is being honest with eachother though i feel reluctant talking about myself and my current situation to you as i dont know how you'll feel but i guess its important you know all about me and the situation i am in so that well know if we can go further I very had loads of bad experiences in my past relationships and i wouldnt want to fall into the same problem anymore i will like you to give me your words that you really love me and that you want to make a new life with me cos i have been used before and i wouldnt want to be played on again i am telling you all this, then you can decide if you still want to meet me or not so that we will not waste each other's time, when you get this mail, kindly give me a response to let me know if you are still interested or not.