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I like long walks when the mood strikes. Love hanging and bullshitting with my friends, and hope to soon get a pick up truck.
HighSchool: Duluth Central High School
College: Winona State University
JuniorHighSchool: Woodland Middle School
Music: Country and rock. Taylor swift I love you!
TV: NCIS, futurama, firefly...
Books: Fantasy, sci-fi. comics, history books(the fun ones, not the boring 30000 page school books), maps, novels about everything under the sun, military related works, humorous books. You get the picture?I like to read.
Sports: I used to play soccer and T-ball.
Interests: Army strong. working at camp.
Movies: I'm to poor to see movies very often. Though the parents took me to see Letters from Iwo Jima, which was amazing
BestFeatures: I don't know, you tell me.
Dreams: Military police work in the Army, hopefully working on sexual assault or something. Retire, grow old, fat and have a bunch of grandkids.

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